The company Sunrise Deutschland GmbH was founded in January 2015, with the objective of establishing German food in the Chinese market. Sunrise Deutschland GmbH acts as a link between German companies and our partner, Sunrise Trading Ltd. in Beijing. Our responsibility is to organise the orders, to enable transportation to China and, of course, to procure the documents required for import to China.

The necessary documents are issued by our partners themselves, since we have only little influence on this process (often, the papers have to be issued by the competent Chamber of Industry and Commerce).

We exclusively cooperate with our partner, Sunrise Trading Ltd. in Beijing. Our partner has rented an own warehouse in China, from where the goods are distributed.

We have 3 different sales channels:

  1. Sales through Chinese supermarkets
    Our goods are offered in different supermarkets in the Beijing area. In this regard, it is to be noted that there are 3 different kinds of supermarkets in China: low class, middle class and high class. The imported products that are sold in China are attributed to the range of middle class or high class.
  2. Sales to wholesalers
    Our goods are also distributed to Chinese wholesalers who offer the products in their territory and sell them to smaller customers.
  3. Sales via online shopping
    More than 30% of the Chinese people order their food online, the products being delivered directly to their door. Of course, there is enormous potential so that the products are offered through this sales channel as well. So it is possible to deliver very small quantities to the customers.

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